Dex drive psx download

Dex drive psx

DexDrive is a brand of game console memory card readers that allowed data to be accessed and comes shipped with a Windows driver application, called DexPlorer, on two " floppy disks. Download DexPlorer software from a fansite; Download user-created Dexter software ยท Download PSX Game Save Editor an. What's included? (1) Dex Drive for the Play Station One Specs: Brand: InterAct Platform: Sony Play Station One (PS1) Model No: SV Type: Game save. I bought a cheap usb to serial adapter and after changing the port to com 1 everything works fine. I usually use the third party dexter program.

Hacking and a dex drive. Having messed around with Tactics on my PS1, I can tell you that unless you're running a patched game, your. I asked about this a while ago on a PS2 forum since both PSX and PS2 Sure enough, the Dex Drive can use PS2 memory card with no mod. Thinking of buying a Dex Drive for the Ps1. Is it worth it? Anybody here have one ? I've seen some cheap and was wondering if the software is.

My computer just got completely wiped - including my Final Fantasy save game files. I want to get back to where I was rather quickly (Begining. Welcome to my ever-growning PSX dex drive directory. Please feel free to send in your own to share with the world and you will recieve full credit.